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What are Gift Pro accounts?

A Remember The Milk gift is an activation code that anyone can use to enable a Pro account.

Once you've purchased a gift for someone, you'll be given the special gift code to give to them. All they need to do is enter their code at a special page (we'll send them the details) and the Pro account is theirs!

You can buy a gift account for anybody, even if they don't have a Remember The Milk account yet.

Things to note:

If a gift code hasn't been used within 12 months of the date of purchase, we'll credit your account with the value of the gift (so if you bought a one year gift, then one year will be added to your own account).

If you send a gift code to someone who doesn't want it, you can always send that same gift code to another person (as long as the first recipient didn't activate it).

See the Gifts page for more info

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