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My emailed task isn't being added properly


When adding a single task via email:

  • The task details end up in a note; or
  • Multiple tasks are created (instead of one task)


The email may have been sent to the wrong address (the import address instead of the single task address), or a signature may be causing problems in processing the email.


Please try the following to resolve the issue:

1. Check that you're emailing the correct address

The email address you're sending to should be in the format:

Please check that the email address does not contain +import (which is used for importing a list of tasks instead).

2. Check for a signature or disclaimer

If your email has a signature or disclaimer at the end, after the task details you'll need to include:


on a line by itself. Everything after this line will be ignored (without this line, there may be problems processing your task details).

3. Check your email format

It's possible for some mail clients to cause problems parsing your message; if you're sending messages in HTML and having problems, please try changing your mail format to plain text and sending it again. Please let us know if this works around your issue so we can correct this in the future.

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