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How do I enable Smart Add for the Linux app?

With the desktop app, you can use a keyboard shortcut to bring up Smart Add, wherever you are.

In the Linux app, this feature is disabled by default, as unfortunately it can affect the performance of the rest of the desktop app.

We're looking into a solution for this, but if you'd like to try it anyway in the meantime, here's how you can enable this feature for the Linux app:

  1. Open "/usr/share/applications/rememberthemilk.desktop"
  2. Change Exec=/opt/RememberTheMilk/rememberthemilk %U to Exec=/opt/RememberTheMilk/rememberthemilk --disable-gpu --enable-transparent-visuals --force-enable-global-smart-add %U

Note: You can also copy /usr/share/applications/rememberthemilk.desktop to ~/.local/share/applications/rememberthemilk.desktop and edit that.

Once enabled, you can use Ctrl + Alt + M to quickly access Smart Add.

Prefer a different keyboard shortcut? No problem, head to 'Account settings' then 'Desktop' to change it.

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