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How do I postpone a task?

To postpone a task:

  1. In the task list, select the task(s) that you wish to postpone.
  2. Click Postpone or use the shortcut key p.

Toolbar Postpone

Enter the postpone interval in the text box provided, or select an option in the dropdown.

Press Enter. The selected task(s) will be postponed by that interval.

You can also postpone a task by one day using the keyboard shortcut Shift + P.

Note: In the case of tasks that were already overdue, intervals shorter than the overdue period will make the new due date today. For example, if a task is overdue by 3 days, postponing it by 1 day will make it due today, and postponing it by 1 week will make it due 4 days from today.

The number of times that a task has been postponed is shown by clicking the i in the task details box on the right.

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