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A task disappeared from my account

The Trash is where deleted tasks will remain for 30 days. You can open the Trash in the web or desktop apps:

  1. Login to your Remember The Milk account.
  2. Click Trash at the top of the left navigation bar, under All Tasks.
  3. Tasks are shown with most recently deleted tasks at the top.

If you can't find the tasks that you're looking for, the quickest way to locate them is to search.

  1. Login to your Remember The Milk account.
  2. Click the dropdown arrow contained within the search box at the top of the screen.
  3. Fill in the search fields with the details you remember confidently. If you're not certain about any field, leave it blank.
  4. Click Search.
  5. Look for the task in the search results displayed. Be sure to check the completed view in case the tasks have been completed.

You may need to try different search terms. Please note that the search won't return your result if a word is misspelled or if your search terms are too specific.

If you still can't locate your task, please try the following to resolve the issue:

1. Undo your last actions

If you're still logged into your account, you can try undoing the last action in case you have unintentionally deleted the task. You can 'undo' multiple times until the start of your session. To undo your last action:

  1. Click on More.
  2. Select the Undo Last Action option.

2. Clear cache and cookies

If you suspect that your account may not be loading correctly, it may be worth clearing your browser's cache and cookies as this can often help to resolve loading issues. Instructions on clearing cache and cookies are available here.

3. Check with contacts you're sharing with

If the missing task is shared or belongs to a shared list, it may be worth checking with the contact(s) who you're sharing with to ask if they have modified the task. When a task or list is shared, your contact is able to rename, delete, move, or otherwise modify the task. A contact may have modified or moved the task without your knowledge.

4. Check for synchronization issues

If you're using MilkSync, it's important to be very careful when deleting tasks. If you delete tasks on your device and then synchronize with Remember The Milk, the tasks you deleted on your device will also be permanently deleted from your Remember The Milk account (and vice versa). If you believe that your tasks are missing due to another sync issue, please choose one of the MilkSync topics on the left.

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