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How are notes handled?

Remember The Milk supports an unlimited number of notes per task, while Microsoft Outlook supports only one note. To handle this difference, MilkSync will place multiple notes from Remember The Milk into one note field in Microsoft Outlook, but separate the notes with a special syntax (so they can be synchronized back to Remember The Milk as multiple notes). Each note will look like:

[note #abc123]
This is a note.
[end note]

If your task already has notes synchronized from Remember The Milk, you can add a new note by entering text before or after the existing notes (anything outside of the square brackets will be handled as a new note). You can add multiple new notes by separating them with three hyphens on a line ("---"):

This is the first note.
This is the second note.

Please note: A note in an Outlook task supports rich text formatting, but a Remember The Milk note does not. For this reason, when using MilkSync, existing notes will be reformatted with the special syntax above and will be stripped of any additional formatting.

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