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The checkmarks aren't shown for each day

Important: Google has deprecated the gadgets feature that we used for our Google Calendar gadget. Gadgets will not be supported after January 31, 2018. We're looking into different ways that we can integrate Remember The Milk with Google Calendar. In the meantime, you can subscribe with iCalendar to show your tasks on your Google Calendar on the date they are due.

The checkmark icons should display immediately once you've added the feature. If they aren't displaying:

  1. Confirm that Remember The Milk is listed under Calendars in the left column (if not, it may not have added successfully).
  2. Make sure that the calendar is checked, and try unchecking and then rechecking the box.

If the icons still aren't displaying, it may be a temporary problem with Google Calendar, so you may need to check again later.

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