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It doesn't create tasks when I label emails


The feature doesn't create tasks when you label emails.


If you're using Gmail in a language other than US English, your version of Gmail may not be supported.

If you're using Gmail in US English already, Google has most likely released a new version of Gmail's code, and this code is incompatible with our current extension. Google sometimes release the new code to a small number of Gmail users first, before rolling it out to everyone, so your Gmail account may be one of the first affected by the change.


Check that you're using Gmail in US English.

Please check to ensure that you're using Gmail in US English (unfortunately we're not able to support the non-US English versions of Gmail at this time).

If you're using US English already, please contact us.

You can help us by contacting us to ensure that we're aware that Google has released new code to your Gmail account.

Once we have access to the new version of Gmail's code, we'll be able to update our extension to handle the changes and restore this functionality.

Please be aware that Remember The Milk for Gmail uses Google's experimental Gmail/Greasemonkey API. Google often changes Gmail's code in a way that affects this feature's functionality. Please see our status page regarding support for specific Gmail versions.

While we endeavour to update the extension as we become aware of Gmail code changes, please note that we cannot guarantee the availability of this feature or specific aspects of its functionality.
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