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How often does Remember The Milk sync with Evernote Reminders?

When you make changes in Remember The Milk, they'll sync instantly to the Evernote servers. The Evernote apps sync periodically with the Evernote servers, so you may need to wait a few minutes to see the changes (check your sync settings in Evernote to see how often your app updates). To get the changes from Remember The Milk immediately, just press the sync icon in your Evernote app to manually sync.

Likewise, when you make changes in Evernote, they'll sync instantly to the Remember The Milk servers. Our apps support push syncing, so the changes will be shown instantly in your Remember The Milk app.

Important Note! Make sure you have the sync schedule set to 'Auto' in the settings section of these Remember The Milk apps: Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry 10 and MilkSync for Microsoft Outlook. (The web app will always sync in realtime.)

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