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Provide better support for different time zones

Started by pfaco Android app4 comments

Add field for 'collaborators'

Started by rabeckman General0 comments

Group by Due Date - Allow Ordering or Ordering by Due Date

Started by lordthundering General1 comment

Keyboard shortcuts on iPad pro

Started by dominic.spachmann iPad app0 comments

Add a shortcut to go to parent

Started by hron Web app0 comments

Evernote-Symbol in task-list

Started by reinhard767 Evernote2 comments

Show a dropdown list when you click on the tags field, then filter the list as you type

Started by miferrei iPhone app0 comments

Professional re-branding with a new logo, new name, or new app

Started by agentcunningham New apps1 comment

Attach files (mostly images) to tasks & subtasks

Started by amber9904 General2 comments

Be able to select a shared location when you create a task

Started by martijnlinse General0 comments

Have a $$-Dollar estimate field - like time estimate

Started by fromrahim Web app0 comments

Vote/Like buttons individual comments from other posters - and not just for the Idea in the header

Started by fromrahim Web app0 comments

Easier drag and drop for unpaid version

Started by cjkogan111 Web app2 comments

Desktop: Make ALT+F4 close the window, not quit the app

Started by clausconrad Web app0 comments

Fingerprint login

Started by sayanee iPhone app0 comments

2 factor authentication

Started by sayanee Web app0 comments

Provide quick actions (i.e. actions that come up from long press app icon)

Started by bbeetle Android app0 comments

Location based reminder on LEAVING a location

Started by jhwwj Android app0 comments

Integrate with Whatsapp

Started by pedrohardware New integrations1 comment

"Next Step" text field as a main field

Started by whall General0 comments