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Faster way to add tags to a task

Started by dave.liao Android app1 comment

Add notification if someone add / submit notes

Started by r0ckabilly Web app0 comments

Nag mode

Started by apastuszak General0 comments

Limit total time estimate in smart lists

Started by johan.nilsson General0 comments

"Make due:" needs to include all days of the week

Started by taskmachine Web app0 comments

"Make Due" dropdown needs to include all days of the week

Started by taskmachine Web app0 comments

ability to sort tasks by number of incomplete subtasks

Started by earmsby General0 comments

Export and/or more advance reporting option

Started by robheathcote Web app1 comment

More than 3 levels of nested subtasks

Started by lucyding General3 comments

Automatic deletion of tag with no item

Started by aegiap General0 comments

support 24-hour time format on iOS Apps

Started by quantumghost iPhone app1 comment

Have an option to increase font size of the printed lists, and to list sub-tasks (or not)

Started by shortydavis General0 comments

When creating a task allow to tag it right away.

Started by (closed account) General3 comments

Multiple color options for Android 1x1 widget

Started by davidep11 Android app0 comments

Access subtasks after downgrading

Started by miels General1 comment

Markdown support in the notes section

Started by cblupo Web app4 comments

A google chrome extension

Started by cblupo New integrations2 comments

Add attachments through OneDrive

Started by pibble New integrations7 comments

Attachment without a third party account

Started by marco_cadonau General0 comments

Inline Note Indicator

Started by mcgaritydotme Web app0 comments