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Different priority colors...

Started by iamrelaxed. Web app0 comments

Telegram integration

Started by aurelien.navarre New integrations2 comments

Skip one iteration of a recurrent task

Started by onerror General0 comments

Multiple Accounts / Fast Switching

Started by rwilsoncla New integrations0 comments

Support for TaskPaper-like outlining in Smart Add syntax

Started by michaelpmanti General1 comment

Task status

Started by onerror General0 comments

Select first day of a week

Started by theirix Web app0 comments

Plugins for main browsers

Started by onerror New integrations0 comments

Smart rescheduling

Started by onerror General0 comments

Reminder Content Customization

Started by alexiaboga Reminders1 comment

Universal Windows App....again..... sigh

Started by vannylu New apps0 comments

Show Location in list, just like Tags

Started by nocturnal9 Web app1 comment

Show multiple lists

Started by martinhughharvey Web app0 comments

Custom sounds and better options for notifications

Started by migloth Android app0 comments

Client or Widget vor Samsung Gear S3

Started by uk_artimage Android app1 comment

Add urlContains: query operator

Started by jamezzz Web app0 comments

Status for the tasks (i.e. Not Started, Ongoing, Pending, Closed, Done)

Started by ornorm General0 comments

Show task on multiple days (between start date and due date when provided)

Started by ornorm Google Calendar1 comment

Having a completion bar on tasks that have an 'estimate'

Started by ornorm General2 comments

Sync with Wunderlist and todoist

Started by ornorm General0 comments