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Enable attachment from pCloud

Started by mattias.hultman General0 comments

Subtask not showing

Started by migmae General0 comments

More attachment options: Nextcloud

Started by migmae New integrations0 comments

Sort order option by most/least recently added

Started by amandafrench General0 comments

Multiple Groups?

Started by bugsie Web app0 comments

Multiple Groups?

Started by bugsie Web app0 comments

Customize Tag Colours from Colour Wheel

Started by eoe Web app3 comments

Mail in tasks: Have the attachments be embedded in the note (link to dropbox)

Started by anders.holt General0 comments

default one selection at a time OR complete using checkbox

Started by mbrandonpace Web app0 comments

Sharing drag & drop'ped priorities across smart lists

Started by gordon.bazeley Web app0 comments

Default Due Date and Priority for Email Tasks

Started by dayoung24 Email0 comments

Postpone tasks by hours instead of days

Started by jason.lemieux Web app0 comments

Group by tagContains

Started by jamezzz Web app0 comments

Shortcut to move selected subtask(s) to a list

Started by jamezzz Web app1 comment

Sort tasks by estimated time

Started by geom.fabiano Web app3 comments

Finding the tasks that are oldest, most postponed or similar

Started by kristus General1 comment

A notes field, but at project level

Started by jamesbowen Web app1 comment

Select a Single Task to Take Over Entire Screen View

Started by rrss General0 comments

Add URL to iCalendar feed

Started by rich_zigo Web app0 comments

IFTTT missing use case

Started by olsansky New integrations2 comments