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Create new tags AFTER (not during!) editing the tags field, to be more robust to typos

Started by tsuioku Android app0 comments

UX: I always mix up start and due date because of the icons

Started by mesmes Android app0 comments

setting time after selecting a suggested date

Started by olivier.jeannin Android app2 comments

Sort tasks by due date on widget

Started by emma274az Android app4 comments

increase the font size of the application by means of a slider bar

Started by chioxi Android app2 comments

postpone a task more than one day in the android app

Started by panek.uwe Android app1 comment

Move checkmark away from Save

Started by ulinlam19 Android app0 comments

Android 12 widget update?

Started by dave.liao Android app2 comments

Support for Surface Duo hardware

Started by dave.liao Android app1 comment

Android Widget Font Size

Started by vince.montes Android app2 comments

Overflow-wrap on smart list.

Started by chillimania Android app0 comments

Optimize the android app for e-ink devices

Started by jeromesantini Android app0 comments

Different alphabetical order of Lists and Tags with special chars at different devices

Started by romakhar Android app1 comment

Sort emoji lists first in lists (or ignore them in list names)

Started by dave.liao Android app0 comments

Add 'search notes' toggle

Started by rich_zigo Android app1 comment

Custom/alternative positions for Save and Edit buttons

Started by rich_zigo Android app0 comments

Dark mode for Android

Started by limitedmage Android app2 comments

Field for a short description oder perhaps although status (tex)

Started by thomas.decker Android app2 comments

show tags (and other options) in the widget

Started by alexspitzer Android app0 comments

Android Themes

Started by oroden Android app1 comment