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Custom/alternative positions for Save and Edit buttons

rich_zigo says:
I've always used phones one-handed (with my left hand), even though I now use a large unwieldy Huawei P30 Pro. I can mostly get by with every app I use, but the position of the Save button in RTM is particularly bothersome as it's in the hardest-to-reach top right of the screen. This means I either have to be carefully deft with one hand (and risk dropping my phone) or resort to using my other hand, but both these methods detract from how quick and easy it is to add/edit tasks while on the go.

The Edit button for a task is similarly positioned towards the top right. I know there are some shortcuts for "edit priority", "edit due date", "edit list" and "edit tags" when holding down on a task, but it's not possible to edit other fields (such as URL) or add notes without going into the task and pressing the Edit button.
Posted at 4:26pm on December 5, 2019
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