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Ability to 'email this list' to an external email address

Started by houweb Email8 comments

Add notes from e-mail to an existing task

Started by claudio.lillo.contreras Email3 comments

Automatically move emailed in tasks to particular lists using rules

Started by klaasjanelzinga Email3 comments

Ability to set default properties for tasks that are emailed in

Started by jorisvw Email0 comments

Automatically create attachments in task from forwarding an email with attachments

Started by wilsardaukar Email9 comments

Ability to include notes with the import email address

Started by paddyinhr Email2 comments

Scrape emails to create tasks (e.g. create a task from an Amazon order)

Started by nickle Email6 comments

Support a -begin- tag (similar to -end- tag)

Started by evvjvp Email2 comments

List-specific email addresses

Started by (closed account) Email6 comments

Interact with tasks via email

Started by sjvilla79 Email9 comments

Add task with subtasks by email

Started by (closed account) Email1 comment

Include as a note the emailed text used to create a task

Started by markwilliams Email0 comments

List tags in Daily Digest

Started by nicholasemay Email4 comments

Share a list or task via email

Started by wmwilkins Email1 comment

PDFs etc for email to RTM

Started by ro801 Email1 comment

Send an email to request a response with today's tasks

Started by ujohnc00 Email3 comments

Start date as date the email was received

Started by productiveman Email1 comment

PDFs etc for email to RTM

Started by ro801 Email0 comments

Send an email from RTM

Started by michael.labelle Email0 comments

Notification to different mail by tag or list

Started by aguillem Email1 comment