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List tags in Daily Digest

nicholasemay says:
When I receive my Daily Digest e-mail in the morning it is less useful than it could be because it doesn't include any tags (and, subsequently, any color-coding).

Because I use tags to separate things to do at my job, things to do at home, and ongoing reminders, it is hard for me to skim the e-mail and see what is more critical than others based on where I am at the moment.

I can, of course, just open the app and take a look there, but this would be a welcome addition to the Daily Digest that shouldn't take much work.
Posted at 1:20pm on April 8, 2016
g.dejoode says:
It would be even better if i could choose which tags to append to my Daily Digest, eq. just #work or #home (or both).
Posted 4 years ago
thomas.decker says:
like todoist
Posted 3 years ago
olaf1303 says:
This would be a great improvement in the readability of the daily-digest, I got the same idea.
My preferred 2-part-solution:
Part1: A User-Setup area to apply the "Sort-By-Special-Criteria" feature on the daily-digest in Users Set-Up-Menue.
Part2: Choice between Standard (the actual daily-digest sort-and-group-default-setting) and User-Defined (The Special-Sort-Criteria-feature applied on the daily-digest the actual-daily-digest-filter)

My dream: Possibility of Marking any smart-list as Email-List with time-Option, so that similar to reminders of single tasks RTM sents what I would baptize: Smart-Digest! Which would mean of course: Multiple Digests, and control within smart-list-Object-Menu rather than control within User-Setup-Menue..Additional Benefit: Any (pro)-User can create pre-defined dynamic To-Do-Lists, and share them with non-rtm-users, just by Email-Browser-Functionality...
Posted 2 years ago
mattyg0606 says:
Surely this could easily be fixed with a simple switch in personal settings or even smart list command to disable for a list or account
Posted 2 years ago
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