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Customize reminders for specific lists/tags

Started by xynetha Reminders33 comments

Set rules for reminders (e.g., send to phone if priority 3, send to email if priority 2, etc)

Started by dmrosenthal Reminders7 comments

Option to include notes in email reminders

Started by andrewski Reminders4 comments

Option to send the weekly planner in a reminder email

Started by (closed account) Reminders11 comments

Include a link to the task in the reminder email

Started by jmguardia Reminders4 comments

Different reminder methods for daily versus due time reminders

Started by (closed account) Reminders4 comments

Ability to receive reminders for tasks that have no due date

Started by alanlindsay Reminders7 comments

Snooze option

Started by monkey.boy Reminders7 comments

Option to have the task name as the email subject (one task per reminder email)

Started by dougal.phillips Reminders22 comments

Option to include tasks due tomorrow in the reminder email

Started by (closed account) Reminders2 comments

Ability to respond to reminder emails to complete, postpone, etc

Started by patrick.nickles Reminders10 comments

Show tags in reminder emails

Started by jasonrudolph Reminders1 comment

Include links to 'complete' tasks in the reminder email

Started by jtgott Reminders1 comment

Send reminders to everyone who shares a list

Started by nikunj Reminders8 comments

Option to show tasks separated by list in the reminder email

Started by parterburn Reminders9 comments

Presence-aware reminders, e.g. IM if you're available, SMS if you're offline

Started by runar Reminders1 comment

Smart Add Reminders feature request

Started by ciltis Reminders3 comments

Ability to respond to IM reminders to complete, postpone, etc

Started by gms8994 Reminders5 comments

Location Based Task notification but using Cell Towers & not GPS

Started by brian12568 Reminders0 comments

End of day review including unfinished tasks due today

Started by gareth.fabbro Reminders0 comments