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Ability to respond to reminder emails to complete, postpone, etc

patrick.nickles says:
I've been assuming this would be forthcoming for a long time but since it hasn't arrived I'll make a public request:

PLEASE give me the ability to POSTPONE tasks by simply hitting REPLY then "P" then SEND to an IM / Email rec'd from RTM. (Google already does this when you reply to an IM about Movie showtimes, etc.)

My RTM inbox is regularly overflowing w/ completed tasks just because I don't have time to go in and complete tasks all the time. And being able to just type "P: 30 minutes" would be invaluable. (Right now I have to FWD the reminder to my RTM account and set up another reminder if i want it to pop up again 4 hours or 4 days later.

Not too efficient...

Just my 2 cents. Time to go clean the 1,100 old overdue items from my inbox. (Who am I kidding... I'm not going to get to it today...)
Posted at 3:29pm on July 10, 2009
brendon.connelly says:
+1 on all this (my own similar req. here:
Posted 12 years ago
fitstore says:
This would be an invaluable addition to RTM like what I had with Dear old Sandy.
Posted 11 years ago says:
agree as well. Just starting to use RTM and thought it would be optimal to complete or postphone a task simply be responding to the reminder
Posted 11 years ago
norz says:
Posted 11 years ago
jbert55 says:

And with multiple reminders:

These 2 tasks are due in 15 minutes:
1. $40 to Bruce (9:00AM)
2. RSVP for Christmas Party (9:00AM)

1. P: 1 day [Postpone]
2. C [Complete]

Posted 11 years ago
(closed account) says:

PLEASE. This would take it one step closer to the awesomeness that was IWantSandy.
Posted 11 years ago
jeremy.akers says:
I find it rather absurd that the emails don't even include a *link* to the task on the RTM website. In my opinion they should include a link for Postpone and Complete in the emails (Clicking a link would be easier than writing a reply, and would be easier to implement.

For text messages and IMs you should definitely include the 'Reply' option.
Posted 10 years ago
ultraayla says:
I think either a link to the task or a the ability to respond with a command as suggested above would be great. It would be a pretty simple change, I'm sure, to just include the link, which would be very helpful. The response would be better, but starting with the link would work for me. Thanks!
Posted 9 years ago
kelsey.arnold says:
Has this been implemented yet? I just signed up as the guinea pig for my office, and when got the reminder email my first thought was that I should be able to mark tasks complete by replying. Having to log in and select each task will get time-consuming.
Posted 8 years ago
mapgeek says:
Seems complicated to remember the syntax, but maybe a check icon in the email I can click on or something.
Posted 5 years ago
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