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Ability to set Reminders field as default

Started by cdelsol Reminders1 comment

Allow variables in repeating tasks.

Started by brown.biggers Reminders0 comments

Always on top reminders

Started by asbenicio Reminders1 comment

Archiv old ideas

Started by thomas.decker Reminders5 comments

Improve how to add a new location

Started by meggerud Reminders0 comments

Customize Daily Digests

Started by eoe Reminders0 comments

Offer additional default estimate values

Started by fxf8klc Reminders0 comments

independent reminder

Started by fant Reminders0 comments

Daily Digest option to include started tasks

Started by lensaffair Reminders0 comments

Support for Growl reminders

Started by stephen.chai Reminders3 comments

Telegram Notifications

Started by sirlouen Reminders1 comment

Conditional Prioritization

Started by brotoc Reminders3 comments

Reminders - use absolute date/time for reminder

Started by mapgeek Reminders1 comment

Reminder Content Customization

Started by alexiaboga Reminders1 comment

Add REMINDER to default fields

Started by briantj Reminders0 comments

Reminders Notification Destinations

Started by idheath Reminders0 comments

Post desktop reminders in the Action Center

Started by frank479 Reminders0 comments

Weather forecast integration

Started by max.illis Reminders1 comment

Take the time estimate into consideration when determining when to send the reminder

Started by (closed account) Reminders1 comment

Add button to test reminders to mobile phone

Started by pekka.gaiser Reminders1 comment