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Ability to set Reminders field as default

cdelsol says:
Getting reminders by email and phone is my main reason for using RTM. I soon got tired of opening the "Add field" dropdown and scrolling down to Reminders over and over, so I went to my account settings to make reminders a default field -- only to find that every field EXCEPT reminders is a default option.

I tried setting a default in the Reminders settings, but that applies the same time frame for every task. I need a wide range of reminder times, so I still have to go through the dropdown list most of the time.

Could reminders please join the rest of the optional fields on the list of default options in account settings?
Posted at 7:37pm on September 23, 2018
ehahn9 says:
... apologies just submitted email before seeing this.
Posted 6 months ago
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