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Customize reminders for specific lists/tags

xynetha says:
I would like to see being able to set my reminders so I only get them for tasks with specific tags (or lists). An example in my own system would be "meet" or "call".

What would be better would be reminder types for tags/lists. For example, meet and call go to Twitter (until RTM adds SMS), @computer to IM, and everything else to email.

Then I could rely sole on RTM and not my GCal.
Posted at 1:22pm on March 29, 2008
ranbarton Power Poster says:
In the dozens of posts I've seen here on the topic of configurable reminders, this is the best, most RTM-y suggestion I have seen yet. I think this would handle everyone's requests.
Posted 14 years ago
cainmark says:
That is a great idea. Here's hoping it's implemented!
Posted 14 years ago
nkohrt says:
This would be a great help. I currently go without reminders for this very reason.
Posted 14 years ago
vinionk says:
this would be excellent!
I would love to be able to get reminders for work on my blackberry and reminders for home on my personal e-mail.
this would easily convince me to upgrade to pro
Posted 14 years ago
dekov says:
I agree - bring it on!
Posted 14 years ago
rwinch says:
I just went to set up reminders, but didn't do it in the end because I only wanted them for tasks tagged with 'meeting'. This would be a great solution
Posted 14 years ago
sadamny says:
Second this!! it would be great for sending reminders to other people too (like my wife) if I enter tasks tagged with her name and the reminders go to her.
Posted 14 years ago
hutchinsfairy says:
There will always be tasks for which a reminder would be an annoyance and so I am forced to turn the entire feature off. Please implement this!
Posted 14 years ago
dan.bonner says:
Just started setting RTM up this week and was surprised there was no way to do this. Like others, reminders should be selective.

As a workaround for email reminders, you could create an email account and have reminders on for everything and then set up a filter for what you forward to whatever your real email account is.
Posted 14 years ago
viscouse says:
I saw this in another thread as a workaround:
mamona says:
I solve this problem with Google Calendar (unfortunately RTM forces me to do that).
1. I've turned off every RTM reminder (big relief)
2. I have a tag @reminder (it's easier to manage tasks with reminders by tagging them)
3. It's saved as a "Reminders" smart list (search: tag:@reminder)
4. Then I've added it to Google Calendar (iCalendar(Events)
5. In Google Calendar you can:
- turn off all reminders by default and add them manually for each task (that's awesome feature)
- or set up default remainders and modify each task's remainder if you need

As the resident idiot, can anyone help figure out how to save a specific smartlist as a celndar? All that shows up in gcal is that checkmark icon (no notification functionality there).
Posted 13 years ago
viscouse says:
Yes, well, I got it. Thanks.
Posted 13 years ago
ruthytoothy says:
I'd love this feature, too! I just investigated having email reminders sent to me by RTM, and decided against because getting emails for all my tasks would result in information overload, and I would end up ignoring all of them, which rather defeats the object! Maybe if you could set it so that the priority of the task was the decider, e.g. only priority 1 to be emailed? That way all my "wouldn't it be nice if I did this one day" tasks wouldn't be emailed to me!
Posted 13 years ago
rburnett says:
Another vote to add the ability to select reminders by tags.
Posted 13 years ago
apgordon says:
Posted 13 years ago
hogfish says:
I actually just came to this forum looking to post pretty much this same idea and found someone beat me to it! :) I really like the way we can set due dates in a more "casual" way like "3 weeks" or "tomorrow" and I would be looking for the same kind of implemenation in this feature. I'd like to set up reminder categories based on times that are usually a good time for me to be reminded of things. Basically I would be looking to use this feature in the following kind of way:

Set reminder category: When I go shopping (Thursday at 6pm, by SMS)
Set reminder category: Going to work (morning at 8am, by SMS)
Set reminder category: On the way home (afternoon at 5pm, by email to work)

Then I can set tasks like:
Task: Buy new toaster. Reminder: When I go shopping.
Task: Bring laptop to work. Reminder: Going to work.
Task: Pick up milk. Reminder: On the way home.
Posted 13 years ago
(closed account) says:
Add me to the list of people wishing configurable reminders, e.g. by a tag called email, mobile, or similar. Currently do not use feature as I don't want to be reminded of everything in my todo list - but there are certain items I would like SMS or email reminders for.
Posted 13 years ago
seantmitch says:
I'm a new user, and so far very happy with Remember the Milk, except for the lack of configurable reminders (which, if implemented, might nudge me to buy the pro version). They would make the service much better. I don't want to remind myself of every task that I have set for the day, but I want to be able to remind myself at specific times of specific high priority things that I have to get done. As is clear from this thread, I'm not alone. I'll still certainly try RTM out for a few more weeks, but this may make or break whether I stick with it.

To the developers of this otherwise excellent to-do-manager: any plans to implement something like this? Any timeframe?

Posted 13 years ago
redamon1 says:
I came to the forum to post this VERY idea. I agree completely!!

Reminders are cumbersome to me without this feature so I don't use them...
Posted 13 years ago
mjlacore says:
Just want to add my voice to this request. I hardly use RTM for this very reason, but I would like to use it more. The lack of selective reminders is the single biggest weakness of the program, I think.
Posted 13 years ago
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
Well, by using for instance Gmail it's possible to use a clever filtering system telling Gmail what reminders to forward to your real e-mail account. Maybe just a text REMIND in the task name that could be recognized by Gmail making it forward the e-mail to another account.

When testing this out, it's not possible to send test e-mails within Gmail, filtering doesn't work then, send from the outside.
Posted 13 years ago
ddockery says:
Another user that would LOVE to see this feature. I'm used to it in Google Calendar, and was surprised to find it isn't available here.
Posted 13 years ago
supernikki says:
yes please!
Posted 13 years ago
johnmsch says:
Somewhere else on this board, I posted a suggestion about having the ability to set reminders for specific tasks. Setting reminders based on tags would be another cool feature. Like others have said, I don't use reminders currently, since I don't need a reminder for 99% of my tasks.
Posted 13 years ago
(closed account) says:
I'd also love to see this feature (reminders only for tagged items). I've been using reminders, but I wind up getting so many that it's pointless.
Posted 13 years ago
ranbarton Power Poster says:
As I said, 13 months ago, I think this is a great idea. In the meantime, there is a good workaround using Gcal -
Posted 13 years ago
birr1589 says:
I vote for this idea.
Posted 10 years ago
aichalmer says:
I would use this.
Posted 10 years ago
njdrew1 says:
Has the ability to turn off reminders for a particular task been added yet?
Posted 9 years ago
mpellow says:
Please add this feature!!!!
Posted 9 years ago
susanatdotcom says:
I want to get reminders for Birthdays 7 days before the event - so that i have time to send a card. thanks
Posted 9 years ago
jwoliter says:
Would be great if you could set reminders to specific email addresses on a per list basis.
Posted 4 years ago
lschyns says:
It would really be great to have full control on reminders by using smartlists !
Posted 3 years ago
ajtome2 says:
I'm new to RTM. Can you customize reminders to a specific email address by list? That would make this app very useful!!!
Posted 2 years ago
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