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Ability to respond to IM reminders to complete, postpone, etc

gms8994 says:
It would be nice, and I don't know if it's even possible, to be able to respond to an IM reminder, with some text, and have the RTM system act on that. For example:

RTM: Reminder
Me: complete


RTM: Reminder
Me: postpone 2 days


Posted at 8:06pm on December 5, 2006
(closed account) says:
I agree, but I'd like to take it a step further and say that we should be able to actually CREATE reminders through IM. Just like you're maybe talking to your secretary. "Remind me to take out the trash in ten minutes" or "I have a meeting at the office in two days at 9:00 in the morning."
Posted 14 years ago
(closed account) says:
also, is there some way to make the IM reminders work for Google Apps for Your Domain? I have a work account that's different from my gMail account and it doesn't seem to work with that.
Posted 14 years ago
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
live.remix, I'm not sure if the IM reminders will work with Google Apps for Your Domain -- we'll have to check into this and see if it's possible.
Posted 14 years ago
xpaw says:
To be honest, this is (if implemented) will add enormous, extrahuge value for system administrators and all IT workers at least. They even implement they own frameworks to do that.
( for example)

You know, the only application other than work related software they run is often a Jabber client. So this feature, if done more extensively, but it could be simple, will add a lot of potential users. At least by their professional capacity, if not by the number of users. Normal users will appreciate that also, I guess.

I'm both. So, it depends, but having a rowser or some app (oftern incpomatible with operating system) is not often an option. So I just don't use RTM for over half a year, they BAM! instant message.. oh, it's working, good. At least it reminds me, but completing..? Opening browser or running some stupid application thats eats huge pile of memory? .. No way. I'm out. The will be left invomplete. .. Umm.. if I don't complete them, they annoy me.. hm.. bad, I'm out. *stopped using RTM again and looking for an paid/unpaid alternative*

Honestly, this is my true story. I don't need a RTM pro.. why? I don't need that. To support RTM? Why? It gives me no more value than a simple calendar (Sunbird anyone?), which is more neat and clean. And if I need only reminders? .. No problem, I could write reminder application in a while (and there are tons of them).

Round and round. It will add a value without having to add more programs, take more than 1kB memory for few messages (few megabytes for message window). People want to think less, than to have a look at RTM or run any surpluss desktop application.

The simplest, but valuable API: (without "> ")
> list today
> list
to list all tasks for today

> complete 2
to complete task from prevous send list
> complete Check the supplies [today]
to complete task based on name (if one task of that name if today)
> complete Check the supplies [today]
to complete task based on name (if one task of that name if not today)
- (if more than one task of that name is that day, send list of egligible tasks)

Put on table, this is a very simple thing to do, even if you add some management to the feature itself.

Umm, it should be almost a snap, just take the e-mail insert system, extend it and bind it with xcmpp instead of e-mail. Just do it, or, of course, don't. It depends on 'you'.

*omfg, stfu!! the stupid task reminding annoys me again, I'm gonna disable that right away. I can't complete or postpone them.. Why the hell? spam more?! oh yeah.. No way, disable I'm out. Till the happening I'm out I guess, if I don't find any other (even reasonably paid) alternative*

Umm, I hope it's pretty selfexplanatory. All you need is some feature management and projectation and one not lousy "no, this is too complicated" programmer. Programming and debuging can be done in two days, testing by other users in a week. And what about management? Umm.. you should know.. I'm a technician, sorry to disappoint.

Umm.. or maybe.. do you have some fancy API? I guess some API yes, but if it's fancy, I'll (maybe) see myself.

If you develop this, you have opened self to more people. People who don't use or more, want any time management apps will not likely to start using them. But if it's inside what they already do.. Umm... why not? .. I got friend that don't use RTM (is user) just because he has to remember to open or use something more, than he/she would... Umm.. I think this is extensive enough. Peace. Out. Better sleep than manage tasks non-natural way. But good job anyway... RTM just stopped it's fast development and it's now a slow development. What a pitty...
Posted 9 years ago
xpaw says:
gms8994: It's possible and it's pretty easy ;) ^^
Posted 9 years ago
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