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Different reminder methods for daily versus due time reminders

(closed account) says:
I'd like to be able to receive a GTalk message (without a text message) reminding me of what I have to do today, and also a text (but not a GTalk message) 1 hour before it's due, although this doesn't seem to be possible. The reason for this is simple; I'll check the computer in the morning, but I won't be able to check later, I'll only have my phone.

Is there something I'm missing? If not, could you add it, pretty please? :-)
Posted at 6:42pm on October 3, 2007
tom.vanbaarle says:
I have a quite similar need: daily reminders via email; reminders at due time via iPhone. The title of this thread is the generic solution to both needs.
Posted 9 years ago
garethj says:
I have a similar requirement: I only need notifications (e.g. browser popups, mobile push notifications) for tasks with a due time (not those with just a date). I use Remember The Milk regularly throughout the day so am usually aware what is due that day, but it's useful to be notified of tasks due at a specific time. It sounds like the ability to at least differentiate between notifications for these two types of deadline (date/time) would be useful to people.
Posted 8 years ago
garethj says:
Ok, I clearly didn't check the settings before posting this. This functionality already exists in Settings->Reminders...
Posted 8 years ago
luckyladyxx says:
My need ist similar to that from tom.vanbaarle: one daily email with all due tasks of this day, and the single reminders when the tasks are due only via app (mine is android).
Posted 8 years ago
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