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Set rules for reminders (e.g., send to phone if priority 3, send to email if priority 2, etc)

dmrosenthal says:
You should be able to set rules for reminders -- if priority 3, send to my cell phone 30 minutes before. if priority 2, send to my email 2 hours before. if priority 1, don't remind.

also, you should be able to set special reminder details for specific tasks.
Posted at 11:45pm on June 16, 2007
hok8ie says:
definitely agree with the second point here
Posted 10 years ago
ranbarton Power Poster says:
More configurable reminders is a long standing request, and for good reason. It would be very handy to be able to have some items remind you in more imperative ways than others.
Posted 9 years ago
inocima says:
I loved RTM over checkpad for the google integration, but I really miss the configurable reminders... I checked the forums and this request seems to be around for quite a while, and this really makes a difference for ppl with so many tasks (and who doesn`t these days).

Ideally the reminders would be settable by priority, lists and by tasks (though I`d be happy with any of them!)
Posted 9 years ago
laura.james says:
i'd like just to be able to select IM or email for different classes of remidner. if there's a due time I want IM beforehand, but for tasks with only a date an email at start of day would be better. I don't want to have to select reminder type per task if possible, because I like task entry to be very quick.
Posted 9 years ago
sujeetb says:
Don't know if this is a "different idea" for this thread, but I would like the Priority of the task to drive a couple of things:

# The sound / notification
# The messaging / notification - the subject of this thread, as I understand it
Posted 6 years ago
wheretheskygrows says:
I agree with sujeetb! A different sound would at the very least help to determine if I am missing something super important, like a doctor's appointment - versus something less important, like pick up dry cleaning.
Posted 5 years ago
jeff.hadley says:
Definitely. The first step (for expediency sake given development concerns) would be to have an option to have reminders occur ONLY with tasks that have any priority assigned.
Posted 5 years ago
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