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Option to show tasks separated by list in the reminder email

parterburn says:
Would it be possible so that my email reminders are split up by lists? They can all still go to the same address, and only send 1 email out per day - but if I have a lot of things to do in each list, it can seem pretty bulky.

I'm thinking from this:
1. Pick up Certificates from Patti in SOBU Office (5:00pm)
2. Timesheet Due (5:00pm)
3. MO19 - 2nd from outside/middle row - port settings
4. Bring checkbook to campus for Sagamore (9:00am)
5. Insurance to Dentist

To this:
1. Pick up Certificates from Patti in SOBU Office (5:00pm)
2. Bring checkbook to campus for Sagamore (9:00am)
3. Insurance to Dentist

1. Timesheet Due (5:00pm)
2. MO19 - 2nd from outside/middle row - port settings
Posted at 2:30pm on April 14, 2006
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Thanks for your suggestion! This is a pretty cool idea -- we'll look at whether we can provide it as an option in the future.
Posted 15 years ago
ranbarton Power Poster says:
For those of us who use tags solely, and don't use seperate lists, I wonder if you could break the emails down by tag? If a task had multiple tags, I guess it would appear multiple times.

Just extending the idea. It builds on the suggestion that appeared last week to have the web site display tasks grouped by tag, too, as an option.
Posted 15 years ago
aloys says:
Ranbarton, I would even expect it to appear on multiple lists, since that was the whole point of adding multiple text.

So, yes, I think it is a great idea to sort by list, smart list or tag (as an option)

Thank you at rmilk for an already great service!
Posted 15 years ago
aloys says:
Where I said "multiple text" it should say "multiple tags".
Posted 15 years ago
rossruns says:
I'd also like to see the sort by list.

It would be REALLY nice to see a sort by list option in the search results window, too. It's nice to be able to sort by priority/due-date, etc, but if I just want to see all the tasks I've got that don't have priorities or due dates, they're all jumbled up together right now, and there's no way to split them into lists that I can see.
Posted 13 years ago
rossruns says:
Oh, and by the way, in the meantime, I've "hacked" my RTM so that the first word in a task is @Listname (listname being whatever the name of that task's list is). That way, when I sort by name, I get a sort by list instead. Not as nice as a true sort, and a duplication of efforts when I have to type the list name out as part of the task, but it does the job when I want to view a set of tasks that span multiple lists, but I want it organized by lists rather than priorities or due-dates.
Posted 13 years ago
piperd says:
It would also be a great enhancement if you could specify different email addresses for different lists i.e. my task in my home list go to both me and my wife but my task in my work list only get sent to my email address...... Tks
Posted 12 years ago
jaywatay says:
I agree with piperd: I would like to also see the ability to have different email per list so that I can keep personal and work tasks separated.
Posted 12 years ago
lillgu says:
Also, would love to see multiple lists at once in the web app as well
Posted 8 years ago
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