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Option to have the task name as the email subject (one task per reminder email)

dougal.phillips says:
Hi Emily and co.,

I suggest you make the task name the subject of email reminders. I want to be able to see the reminder content ASAP.

At the moment, at first glance at my inbox and I see "Reminders for Wed, November 26 2008, 4:50pm" as the header of the task that I've just been notified of. At 4:50pm on 26 November 2008 when I hear my phone go beep and I check the email, this information is superfluous! I know the time, just tell me the task.

Put the time information in the actual email itself, *after* the task information. Remember, most important information first.

What I want is, phone goes beep, I check email, and first thing I see is "Pick up dry cleaning" or whatever in the subject line. This is how Google Calendar reminders work, how I Want Sandy used to work (R.I.P.) and how GoPingMe works.

Don't make open the email and scan through all the repetitive stuff ("This task is due now:" etc). Just remind me of the task. Make the email subject relevant.
Posted at 6:13am on November 26, 2008
john.buginas says:
I agree. I'm new here from the former iWantSandy and I like to see the subject containing the, well, subject of the reminder.
Posted 12 years ago
dougal.phillips says:
Hi again,

Just re-read this post and have to apologise for being a total Nazi. "Do this, do that!" Dear me.

I was pretty peeved about iwantsandy shutting down suddenly and it looks like it came out in my prose. Hope it didn't rattle anyone too much.

Meekly yours,

Posted 12 years ago
glenn.crumpley says:
Just want to add my vote for this.
Unfortunately, I see this is not a very popular post so there may not be enough demand to implement it.

I also get reminders from Backpack and the one thing I really like about them is that the task IS the subject of the reminder.

I hope someone picks this up.

Posted 12 years ago
(closed account) says:
Big, big +1

I know that the reminder emails sometimes contain multiple tasks, which poses a problem -- but I would prefer one email per task anyway -- that way I can delete the individual email when the individual task is complete. Some people may like the way it is, so it could be a user choice:

__ Combined reminders: 1 email reminder containing all tasks due that day

__ Individual reminders: 1 email reminder per task, with the task name in the subject

The task name should be first in the subject line, or nearly so -- for example:

RTM Reminder: Wash the car - Sat April 4 @ 10 am
Posted 12 years ago
flez says:
This would be especially awsome for mobile phones.. right now my phone pings me when reminder e-mails come in (IMAP). However, only the subject is shown and I need to download the body to see what the task is.

Reminders for multiple tasks could just say "RTM: Multiple tasks" or similar.

Thanks for the great product!
Posted 12 years ago
davidbessler says:

[ ] 1 email per task
[ ] task name as subject
Posted 12 years ago
jalm1 says:
This is my single BIGGEST complaint with RTM. Show me the task name in the subject of the email. Otherwise the email is just useless, and is driving to find another service. Please change this. If the excuse is "what about multiple tasks due at the same time" Send EACH task as email. As it is now, I have to set my tasks due 5 min apart from each other to get them in one email each.
Posted 11 years ago
erikajurney says:
Yes yes yes - big vote for this! The emails would be sooo much more useful.
Posted 10 years ago
(closed account) says:
Absolutely agree with this suggestion.
Posted 10 years ago
afgane says:
+1, actually +10
Posted 10 years ago
tim.pryor says:
I want to switch from Highrise for my tasks, but this is the biggest impediment.
This would be really easy to implement and would make RTM way more useful.
Posted 10 years ago
paubolix says:
+100000 from me.

Why there are no new features for a long time? (Yes. the Android-App is new and awesome, but nothing new in browser)

Can this small request not be implemented? Please please!!!

Posted 9 years ago
tony.seddon says:
This is the most useful enhancement that RTM could make. It should be the top priority!
Posted 9 years ago
harro33 says:
Another +1 here.

It would be great if we could create our own custom subject line (ie. one that applies to all of our reminders, not a different one for each task).

We could use a combination text plus some standard fields such as <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, etc.

Then we can make the subject line of our reminders as short or as long as we need depending on our email service, screen size, etc.
Posted 9 years ago
harro33 says:
Sorry, that last message got messed up due to some characters your discussion system didn't like.

The fields I was thinking of would be things like "short date", "long date", "task name", "time", "day", etc.
Posted 9 years ago
volkoff007 says:
This is the one thing I've waited years for with RTM.
Posted 8 years ago
phoebos says:
That would be great if you could either link directly to the task or let reply by email check the task
Posted 8 years ago
grennier says:
Another vote for setting the task name as the subject of the reminder email. PLEASE make this option available. It would add great functionality for me (otherwise, I'll have to keep using for some of my daily reminders that I don't want to see crammed into RTM every day).

Posted 8 years ago
kunal.n.bhatia says:
+ 1 for this. To me, this is such a basic-functional requirement, that I am rather surprised that RTM still doesn't allow for this.

Surprised. And quite disappointed.
Posted 7 years ago
americo.monteiro says:
Resurrecting this old feature request. It would only make sense.
Posted 6 years ago
islavet says:
Another vote for this option! I'm trying to integrate with Trello, and can set RTM to email reminders to Trello, but it's only useful as individual tasks.
Posted 5 years ago
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
We've now improved this with the new Remember The Milk.

The reminder email now includes the task name in the subject; if multiple tasks are due at the same time, it will list the first task and the number of other tasks (e.g., "Pick up the milk and two more tasks").

Hope this helps, and thanks for everyone's feedback! :)
Posted 5 years ago
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