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Automatically create attachments in task from forwarding an email with attachments

wilsardaukar says:
My email is also partly my inbox for tasks. If an email arrives, I can quickly turn it into a task by forwarding the mail to my Remember the milk address.

However, any attachments that are in the mail are not added to the task. Since we now can use Google Drive/Dropbox for storing attachments I would love to get a feature that automatically stores those email attachments to the configured cloud drive.

As an example about how I use this: a mail comes in with a specific proposal attached as a PDF. Now I have to manually save the PDF, forward the mail to RTM to create a task and then use 'add attachment' to upload the saved PDF. It would help if forwarding the mail was sufficient.

(Moved back from Todoist to RTM but this is one feature that I'm missing from Todoist).
Posted at 2:40pm on November 29, 2018
leeadler says:
I'd vote several time for this feature if I could!
Posted 1 year ago
(closed account) says:
This is the most important missing feature for me as well!!
Posted 1 year ago
productiveman says:
The ability to send emails to the system to create tasks which retain the attached file is a very important feature which the other major task management platforms have. Workarounds like the one described above are "clunky" at best.
Posted 1 year ago
bbrott says:
I echo this. Having the attachments available would be a huge help.
Posted 1 year ago
dechoer says:
I need this to change from Wunderlist to Remember The Milk.
In other case It's impossible to me.

Best regards
Posted 1 year ago
testie_nl says:
I second this!.. Important missing feature!
Posted 6 months ago
jedibecker says:
I'm evaluating RTM along with some others and this is main feature right now that has me leaning toward another solution. It seems like such an obvious thing to add!
Posted 4 months ago
pnfonseca says:
Agree. Adding a file attachment when creating a new task by email is a feature of most (if not all) competitors. Not having this in RTM is a serious flaw.
Posted 10 weeks ago
matthias.k says:
Me too! I too have switched from ToDoist to RTM and miss this feature.
Posted 2 days ago
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