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Ability to set default properties for tasks that are emailed in

jorisvw says:

it would be great to have a feature in RTM that would enable you to BCC your RTM mail address and adds a task to your list with some pre-defined fixed meta info: due date, tag, list, ... for example.

I use RTM a lot to follow up on sent emails: i want to be sure to have a reply by a specific date. Currently i set in a signature that includes all RTM tags (D:, S:, ...) so i resend every mail want to follow up to my rtm address, add the rtm signature and fill in all values i need.

Wrike has such a feature in which you BCC your wrike account and the tasks get added in the correct form.

Thanks for the great work in RTM. Keep up the good work and make my life simpler :)

Posted at 9:53am on March 15, 2010
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