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Snooze button for notifications

Started by mcattack44 Android app40 comments

Recognize phone numbers in task titles for one-touch dialling

Started by currys Android app25 commentsAnswered

Ability to dismiss individual task notifications (instead of 'Dismiss All')

Started by busychris18 Android app9 comments

Connect tasks to Gmail contacts

Started by (closed account) Android app3 comments

Meta-locations (e.g. 'Supermarket' might include multiple local grocery stores)

Started by jonathan.cederberg Android app16 comments

Option to 'undo' actions

Started by (closed account) Android app3 comments

Ability to duplicate tasks

Started by sam.katakouzinos Android app34 comments

After completing a task, return to the list

Started by jaap.kramer Android app3 comments

Don't use GPS if there are no tasks with location

Started by alex3d.p Android app3 comments

Swipe left and right to change list (while in task list view)

Started by hagglelad Android app8 comments

Ability to tap the location in the task details view, and open in Google Maps

Started by brandon.hodge Android app5 comments

Choose a type of date picker to be the default (instead of the basic one every time)

Started by (closed account) Android app5 comments

Customize the order of lists and Smart Lists

Started by jsn7821 Android app4 comments

Show tasks due today in bold in the widget

Started by cecolon Android app1 comment

Ability to 'Select All', for example to postpone all tasks

Started by alicea Android app16 comments

Goal deadlines and absolute deadlines

Started by (closed account) Android app7 comments

Custom default due date (as well as 'today' and 'never', allow defaults of '2 days', '3 days', etc)

Started by dygituljunky Android app5 comments

If only one task is mentioned in a reminder, open the task instead of the list

Started by jaap.kramer Android app1 comment

Dark theme widget

Started by orsoni Android app42 comments

Show overdue tasks separate from today's tasks

Started by chris.daida Android app4 comments