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Ability to duplicate tasks

sam.katakouzinos says:
I would like the ability to duplicate a set of tasks (1 or more) within the Android app.

How I see this work is as follows;
While at a list of tasks tick/select the 1 or more tasks you wish to duplicate.
In the options that pop up at the bottom of the screen, add a button for Duplicate (x), where x = number of tasks selected.
Duplicated tasks appear on screen. Optionally, you the app may choose to highlight them with a colour (maybe light yellow) to distinguish the new tasks from the previous tasks.

I duplicate tasks on the computer a lot and would like this efficiency in the Android app, please.

Sam Katakouzinos
Posted at 12:53am on November 19, 2010
wherethewild says:
I'd love this
Posted 6 years ago
bob3015 says:
Yeah that would be great.
Posted 6 years ago
yamamotoknj says:
Me too!
Posted 6 years ago
bob3015 says:
Me three !
Posted 6 years ago
joerg.rieckermann says:
+1 vote
Posted 5 years ago
henrivdm says:
Critical please!!!
Posted 5 years ago
mattjbray says:
Just being able to duplicate a single task would be a huge time saver for me.
Posted 5 years ago
rdjrtm says:
I was about to make a new post for this, but here it is. Me too. I was surprised it's not in the Android app already!
Posted 5 years ago
faramant says:
Duplicating tasks in the app is essential. It would make creating new tasks without much typing much easier. I could even use template tasks.
Posted 4 years ago
jamexcel says:
Posted 4 years ago
dnorthut says:
I would love to see this feature added as well. I am able to move pretty seamlessly between the web and Android versions with all other features having pretty even parity.
Posted 4 years ago
zentiggr says:
I am facing the situation of having to manually build my RTM lists from my Palm Centro Tasks. Being able to set template items to reduce duplicate field entries would be amazingly faster.
Posted 4 years ago
jamexcel says:
I am really MISSING this ability in my Day to Day routines... it is essential.
Posted 4 years ago
zhzexi says:
+1 love this
Posted 3 years ago
anew74 says:
For me, this is the biggest "missing link" in Android App. I do a huge amount of duplicating tasks to create new ones (I have a lot of things that repeat, but not on a regular scheduled basis), so not having this feature in the App, really limits its usefulness to me.
Posted 3 years ago
jehnaz says:
Posted 3 years ago
igorrs says:
My case is exactly the same as anew74's. I have to open the web app several times a day just to duplicate tasks.
Posted 3 years ago
isaacab says:
I use a lot of "templates" for routines, which requires me to always duplicate my template-tasks from a PC. Really annoying.
When do you expect to have this on
Posted 11 months ago
reyre says:
Posted 7 months ago
andreyblinkov says:
Support, that will be significant improvement.
Posted 4 months ago
mikevwoods says:
Posted 4 weeks ago
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