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Goal deadlines and absolute deadlines

(closed account) says:
I'm really enjoying the combination of RTM with the Astrid app/widget on my Droid. The two are a perfect combo!

I'd like to see RTM support the "Goal Deadline" and "Absolute Deadline" like Astrid does. Having both in RTM would make the two work even better together but I'd guess that all of the other users would make use of the goal times as well.
Posted at 7:17pm on April 1, 2010
(closed account) says:
+1 for distinguishing between running behind schedule and being overdue
Posted 12 years ago
lak_b says:
+1 it will be nice
Posted 12 years ago
mahinirb says:
+1 Agree 100%. Just switched from Astrid app to RTM app but am missing the "goal" deadline option.

The problem of not having a "goal" deadline is that tasks without deadline can get forgotten down a list. It would be nice to get a reminder ping for something that doesn't have an absolute deadline.
Posted 12 years ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
For what it's worth, you may find that sleeper tags fulfill this need.
Posted 12 years ago
lak_b says:
andrewski, may be it works, but it too complicated. The point is to separate the deadline and date the work to be done.
Posted 12 years ago
celerimo says:

This would be very useful not only limited to the Android App.
Posted 10 years ago
jumanjihanuman says:
-1, doesn't make sense.
If it's due, it's due, there's no need to give it extra meanings
Posted 4 years ago
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