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Ability to 'Select All', for example to postpone all tasks

alicea says:
Am I missing something or is there not a way to select all tasks on the Moto Droid?
Posted at 3:56am on March 8, 2010
dfjacobs says:
Menu key -> Views -> Lists -> All Tasks is one way to see them all.
Posted 12 years ago
alicea says:
Thanks, but how do I select them all so that for example I can postpone them all without selecting one by one first?
Posted 12 years ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
There's no way to select all tasks (e.g. to edit/postpone them) in the RTM app; you'll want to edit tasks individually. The fastest way to do so, in the cases of completing/postponing/deleting, is to long-tap on a task, at which point you'll see the popup menu offer those choices.

Hope this helps!
Posted 12 years ago
alicea says:
Actually for complete or postpone, I've been selecting multiple checkboxes one at a time until I've selected them all and then using the complete or postpone option which takes care of them all. I was just looking for a "select all" option so my time to postpone could go from 30 seconds to 2 seconds. So spoiled :-)
Posted 12 years ago
dsmall24us says:
The android app is missing a way to postpone tasks. The choice is only completed. It would be very helpful to not have to go to the web app to postpone tasks.
Posted 10 years ago
nskoric says:
This feature would be fabulous. Just came here to propose this. I sometimes have 20 tasks left in "due:today" smart list (which is my main list) and I'd like to postpone them all before I go to sleep (like, for instance, now :-D). RTM app for android is sooo good that it spoiled me to the level that I find clicking 20 tasks to select them all tiresome :-D Because everything else in the app is just as I would want it to be!

So, don't get me wrong: your app is amazing. But, if you could add "select all" to, for instance, right button menu, the app would be beyond amazing. :-D
Posted 10 years ago
mrc87 says:
that's right, I suppose there are more people missing this feature - including my ofcourse :)
Posted 10 years ago
sirsiggi says:
I also miss this feature in the Android app. Just had to postone about 20 tasks which lead to me postponing the postponement until I got to my laptop. It would be nice to do this easily (also deleting, etc.) right from the app without having to select 20 tasks by hand before.
Posted 9 years ago
dandrake says:
The select all in the edit mode of a list is still a priority for RTM on iPhone. Any possibility for next version of app?
Posted 9 years ago
shardvicens says:
Lol @sirsiggi! I end up adding a yet another high priority task to do the bulk editing lol!

Posted 8 years ago
shardvicens says:
Oops, to continue, I second that on the android app, I can do almost every advanced function that I can, including editing Smart lists, advanced searches, etc but not being able to select all is a huge chunk of productivity that I am missing.

An example: the android app doesn't show an icon if I have a url, and some of my description are barren. To avoid deleting them I want to do a search for http or www, and add a note to all of them, but can't select all to do it.
Posted 8 years ago
yuriy.daybov says:
So long this obvious feature hasn't been available in the Android version. Why? Is there any kind of explanation from developers?
There are bulk operations but there is no ability to 'select all'. So silly.
Posted 5 years ago
boneycur says:
I use the Select All button in edit mode in the web app every day to advance (postpone) my date-ordered to-do items by one day. Unfortunately I am not able to do this in the Android mobile app on either my phone or tablet. A couple of the lists that I have to postpone each day are long enough that when faced with checking them off one-by-one I instead wait until I am at my computer.

Recently I realized that I can log into the web version of RTM on my Android devices and, while a bit cumbersome on the phone, I can select all, postpone them one day, and close the web app. It's a hassle to do this but it's faster than postponing them individually in the mobile app. (If I am traveling and/or can't access my computer, this is my preferred approach.)

I assume that making the Android app have the same functionality of the web app is a priority to RTM developers. But this is a REALLY old thread, so maybe it's been covered by the dust of other more pressing tasks on the devel list.

I hope it is resurrected soon, as more people are working mobile all the time! (Not new news, but I thought I'd point it out. ;-) )
Posted 5 years ago
bruzzi says:
Must have! I waste minutes of my time every day on this.
Posted 5 years ago
boneycur says:
Seven years on and the Select All button that's always been in the desktop app is STILL not available in Android. This is a screencast of what I'm talking about:

This is not that complicated, people! I'm a web and mobile app developer. Just add the button and the code necessary to make it happen. It's a small, simple feature (and basic, as it's been on your web app for years).

I think I've been pretty patient waiting all this time without screaming...right? But I'm getting tired of requesting this over and over via Customer Support and here (see my post above from 2 years ago).

Open note to RTM developers: "Please add this to your list of things to whatever app you use for that: 'Add Select All button in Edit mode in Android app'."


Posted 3 years ago
stefank60 says:
Yes we definitely neede the ability to select all on android pretty please.
Posted 2 years ago
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