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Allow the widgets to work on customized lock screens

Started by wcitypoe Android app1 comment

Holo compatible theme

Started by s73fan Android app1 comment

Regenerate the reminders list for today after adding new tasks

Started by echarles Android app0 comments

Option to insert the current date when editing a note

Started by lefedor Android app2 comments

Ability to quickly change list in the widget

Started by okolnost Android app0 comments

Customizable font size

Started by rafael.valero Android app10 comments

Ability to complete and postpone on a pop-up reminder

Started by kerrpe Android app3 comments

Ability to sort lists differently than in the web app

Started by joaojesus Android app1 comment

Display an optional customizable navigation bar at the top or bottom of the screen

Started by i_dave Android app0 comments

Customizable reminder radius per location

Started by steven.fosdick Android app3 comments

Link to tags from the task details screen

Started by davidbwagner Android app5 comments

Ability to show the due time when a task's due date is tomorrow or later

Started by blt.phoneaccount Android app1 comment

'This Week' widget

Started by thomastsai92 Android app2 comments

Faster way to delete tags

Started by gamma3000 Android app1 comment

Shortcuts on the home screen (not widgets that act as shortcuts)

Started by arwild01 Android app4 comments

Customizable notification sounds

Started by npike Android app5 comments

Allow drag-and-drop of tasks on mobile

Started by dave.liao Android app1 comment

Ability to add a task during a call

Started by kenv481 Android app2 comments

Night mode

Started by ffaauusstt Android app2 comments

Search notes by default

Started by djdinut1 Android app6 comments