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Allow the widgets to work on customized lock screens

(closed account) says:
I use RTM. I also use the excellent and extremely popular "WidgetLocker" application that lets people design their own lock screens.

Currently, when I hit any RTM widget that I've placed on the lock screen, I have to use my phone's PIN before I can actually put in the entry.

I asked the app's creator, "What can I tell the RTM folks that would help them in making the widgets work on a lockscreen?"

He wrote back:

"An app activity itself can appear on top of security with the following line of code in the onCreate:



Would you be so kind as to integrate this into the RTM widgets, so that we lockscreen customizers (and I can't tell you how uber-popular WidgetLocker is ... there are legions of users) can quickly add tasks and so on from our lockscreens?

Thank you so much!
Posted at 6:14pm on November 17, 2011
fernma says:
I would love to use a lock screen widget, however there are no RTM widgets available in the list when I attempt to add one. I do have widgets for home screens.
Posted 11 years ago
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