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Customizable font size

(closed account) says:

There is possibility to reduce the font size??
Is that to see the task I have to select it, as only the first words appear.

Another option would be to complete the task he saw in the window. Not if I can explain.

Posted at 7:44pm on November 9, 2009
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
It's not possible to reduce the display font size in the Android app.

You can complete a task while viewing a list though: a long tap will pop up a context menu where you can complete a task.
Posted 14 years ago
(closed account) says:

Ya, what happens is that I want is to read them without having to open them one by one.

Thanks anyway.
Posted 14 years ago
deanchile says:
This would be SO HELPFUL! I really don't like how large the font is on the Android app.
Posted 12 years ago
(closed account) says:
The font is WAY too big for my Evo. Can't think of any other of my 100 apps that waste screen space so blatently!

I deliberately organized my task categories to fit on one screen only to find they don't quite fit because of RM app using such a big font.
Posted 12 years ago
(closed account) says:
I am referring to the Main screen set to Lists. It only shows 7 lists.
For example gmail shows 2 lines/message (subject & from) yet fits 8 per screen. You could easily show 15 lists by
REMOVING the lines and
REMOVING the box around the count of tasks in the list.

Thank you very much.

P.S. I am paying $25/year for just one thing!!! Seeing my outlook tasks on my droid. So I would like to see all the Lists on one scren.

Please remove te lines and the box around the count. Thank you
Posted 12 years ago
nuteater says:
The default font size is quite big, so it would be nice to make it configurable.
With the new updated app (with the huge header for the list name) the 2x2 widget shows just a few (~6) tasks -- and only ~9 characters for each task name. For example my calendar app (Jorte) manages to cram way more information on the 2x2 widget.
Posted 12 years ago
randyn says:
I'd like the option to change the font size (bigger or smaller).
Posted 12 years ago
jorisdevrede says:
I too would like to be able make the font size smaller. The web interface gives you a great overview of your tasks in a particular list, but this is not the case with the Android interface.

Please note that I like the Android interface in general. Is clear and easy to navigate. It just doesn't give you a good overview of your tasks on your smartphone. And that's actually the reason that I got a Pro account; to always have an overview of my tasks with me, no matter where I am. The large font is hindering that unfortunately.
Posted 11 years ago
latrive says:
Sometimes the font should be smaller, and sometimes bigger -on android tablets, for instance, for the widgets especially, but also for the app. It would be easy to implementate...
Thanks a lot
Posted 11 years ago
choakchaih says:
I need RTM to be able to adjust FONT SIZE on Andriod version, especially in the WIDGET. I have a low vision (eye-impaired).

HELP ME. PLEASE, BOB! Today, I use a CAPITAL letter + magnify function.

This is a common setting on Andriod to set a Fpne Size BIGGER or smaller!
Posted 8 years ago
cletocq says:
The RTM widgets do not respond to changes in the Global Font size. Would be better to have separate settings for the widget.
Posted 4 years ago
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