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Link to tags from the task details screen

davidbwagner says:
In the web app, if you have a task selected and you go over to the details panel, you can click on any of the contexts the task belongs to and hyperlink to that context. It would be nice if you could do this in the android app. Not from the task list, but from the single-task view. As it stands now, it takes quite a few clicks to view a context that encloses a task.
Posted at 8:44pm on November 9, 2009
obhoholm says:
I use tags a lot and would love this! It would greatly ease the use of Android app in my case.
Posted 12 years ago
mattjbray says:
I also make much use of tags - I have too many to browse in the tags view (~500). Currently I have to back out of the task detail view (the search button doesn't work from this screen), hit the search key and type "tag:...", which is not easy on the Android keyboard. Linked tags would be a huge time saver.
Posted 12 years ago
zamglav says:
I also need this feature.
Posted 12 years ago
grizz_pl says:
"clicable" tags would be great!
Posted 11 years ago
debuck3 says:
In the web app, the tag does link to the tag list. I would love that functionality in the Android app. I have tasks to check on certain tags and they are tagged with that tag list to make follow-through simple. Except, I have to hold off until I get to my computer or do it "the hard way." It's not that hard, but still, extra clicks are extra clicks.
Posted 7 years ago
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