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Faster way to delete tags

gamma3000 says:
As a follow on/alternative to, it would be great to have some better way to manage tags on Android, and in particular to delete tags.

Currently, from the tags view, it takes one long press, one button (menu) press, and three taps to delete a single tag, which makes it very slow to delete even a small number of tags.

It would be useful if we could delete a tag from the long-press menu, or, ideally, bulk delete using checkboxes, in the same way I can bulk-complete tasks.
Posted at 5:39pm on January 5, 2010
tacitdynamite says:
I would also like to be able to quickly delete tags. If only there were a "list like" interface for tags in the new RTM, then you could do select all and put in the trash. I have 100s of tags that are not used anymore, and it's a chore to wipe them out click by click.
Posted 8 years ago
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