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Customizable notification sounds

npike says:
Feature Request: Can we get more choices for the reminder sounds, or the ability to set a custom notification sound? (show us the list of Notification sounds available to the phone)

For the interim, is there anyway to do this without RTM releasing a new app?

Posted at 12:15am on May 14, 2010
tw000 says:
Please add this. I've been able to specify a custom ring for tasks on previous smartphones and apps. The cowbell is quite distinctive, but I'd like to use my own sound.
Posted 5 years ago
hunterscottlee says:
yes, please add the ability to add custom notification sounds. I would prefer to be able to set my own sounds like other apps.

Thanks so much!
Posted 4 years ago
migloth says:
I use Android. I frequently miss the notification because the sound does not last long enough, and it does not repeat.
There needs to be a way to make the notification repeat after x number of minutes if the task is not completed or postponed, and we need to be able to add our own custom notification sounds. Thanks.
Posted 11 months ago
albrayne says:
Very surprised this doesn't exist. 2 alternative options isn't enough! Especially as I think they're both awful :/
Posted 7 months ago
tj2988 says:
yes ... requested again. surprised such a simple feature has not been added in 7 years.
Posted 1 day ago
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