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Recognize phone numbers in task titles for one-touch dialling

currys says:
Please implement this feature to help us dial / make calls on android directly from a task or task on a list
Posted at 2:16am on December 4, 2010
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Thanks for your feedback on this.

While it's not currently possible to directly dial a phone number that is in a task title, phone numbers entered into a task note automatically create a link that allows one-touch dialing.

Hope this helps!
Posted 13 years ago
steven012 says:
If you add the phone number as a note, it'll linkify it and launch the Dialer when 'activated'. At least is the case with my RTM/1.4.0 and Nexus One/2.2.

Also, you can add a URL with the tel:// prefix and it seems to achieve the same result.
Posted 13 years ago
tarahmarie says:
Posted 13 years ago
pastor.terryp says:
The "note" works on my Mesmerize (not the URL) but a link in the task name would be nice. ie long press on a task with a phone # would dial the number.
Posted 13 years ago
vvrrmandiga says:
Posted 13 years ago
andrii.pacific says:
I want a feature with easy calling also!!
Posted 13 years ago
gres2003 says:
Please implement this feature to help us dial without creating note
Posted 13 years ago
(closed account) says:
This would be great

Posted 13 years ago
milkiglo says:
Works for me.

I had a list of numbers to go through and it was good that it was in the notes field as I made notes on each call just under the number.
Posted 13 years ago
brunoperraudin says:
What I really would like is to be able to:
* create a task "Call John" (that part I can already do) and when I click/long press/menu/whatever the task, if John is in my contact list, dial his number. Of course, it should work with phone numbers too.
* browse my contact list, click the contact image and choose in the popup menu a rtm icon to launch the new "Call selectedContact" task directly in rtm.
Posted 13 years ago
newmike says:
+1 for phone number direct dialing from task Title in iPhone app.

Task Note direct dialing is too many clicks and too much navigation.

The goal is to avoid car accidents here!
Posted 12 years ago
currys says:
newmike made the point better than I. The reason for this feature request is to limit the user interaction so that making a call is dead simple. It can be for a variety of reasons but certainly while driving is one. I also like brunoperraudin ideas of even tighter integration so you may not need to even provide the phone # because it is looked up in the contact list.

+1 on both ideas (including my original post too :) )
Posted 12 years ago
avner.linder says:
well typing the phone number at the URL field works,
but again, that's too many clicks

+1 for the idea of looking up contact names in my address book
Posted 12 years ago
vamshikk says:
Works for me as I always paste phone numbers in the note
Posted 12 years ago
drslippyfist says:
i hate looking for the number in my contacts list to paste in the notes. The whole idea of RTM seems to be the ease of use. I would like to add my vote for adding a contact to my notes with a smart button(like the smart list)
Posted 12 years ago
eastcoastrob says:
+1 Too many keystrokes to put phone # in notes. I rely primarily on the widget for adding tasks in Android.
Posted 12 years ago
sbasche says:
PLEASE add this feature. How nice it would be to go to the call list and just press the number and have it dial.

How hard can that be?
Posted 12 years ago
e_dawg8 says:
brunoperraudin and newmike said it perfectly. Linking a contact to a task from the phone's contact list so that i can call or e-mail the person directly is an essential feature for a Task / ToDo app. I would also like to be able to link an e-mail so that i can respond to the relevant e-mail with the appropriate context in mind. So much so that the first Task / ToDo app that has these features (especially contact linking) gets my money.
Posted 12 years ago
chandra.gaajula says:
When you can have a URL (which is very helpful), having a phone number would be good too.

Will save the effort of having to click on the Notes tab to include this detail.
Posted 12 years ago
rodsherw says:
Please make this happen.
Posted 11 years ago
queriquita says:
Agreed. Please add this feature!
Posted 10 years ago
stevenverver says:
Please add this feature!
Posted 10 years ago
tuvivienda says:
go for it click to call in task tittle
Posted 10 years ago
michael.pearson says:
Why is this a difficult thing to accomplish? I'm not being snarky or demanding, just curious. I note that Any.Do's Android app does this, and I'm sure others do as well. If you can do it from a note, why not the task itself? Things like this would surely be more useful to more people than the Apple Watch app you recently asked for volunteers to test, wouldn't it?
Posted 6 years ago
coasterguy53433 says:
Posted 3 years ago
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