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Ability to dismiss individual task notifications (instead of 'Dismiss All')

busychris18 says:
Hi. I get a number of Task Alerts a day. Sometimes, I would like to pick only a few of them to "Dismiss". However, my only choice at the bottom of the screen is "Dismiss All". It would work like the Complete and Postpone features. If you click the checkbox it would say "Dismiss (1)" and so on.

This would be GREAT. PLease consider it!!!
Posted at 2:21am on December 12, 2009
chrisg says:
I wish for this all of the time!
Posted 12 years ago
arwild01 says:
Stunned this wasn't included in the 2.0 release. This really is RTM's most annoying "feature". The reality is sometimes I only want to dismiss some of my tasks... but I'm not ready to mark them complete (or postpone) them.

Just let me clear the noritifications paritially.

Doing so with a long press on the tasks would be more than sufficient; (Although I could also see an argument for providing a check box and a "dismiss checked" button at the bottom.
Posted 12 years ago
mikabren says:
Some times I check my tasks because I'm at a certain location. However, some tasks aren't related to my default Check-My-RTM-Locations. Therefore the Reminders are useful.
I would like to dismiss tasks of which I'm certain I'll check on later that day, and keep the exceptional tasks in my Reminders.
Posted 12 years ago
mark.merriman says:
Feels like a hole in the design to me, too. I've been irritated by this from the beginning.
Posted 12 years ago
(closed account) says:
I'd also like to dismiss some selectively - ones that I've postoned for a start and won't be doing today. They still show up on the list. And like mikabren, ones I know I'll be doing later, but don't need a reminder sitting there all day for.
Posted 11 years ago
mdjnewman says:
+1, would be great to use the approach from the OP or have swipe to remove/an option to remove the reminder in the menu that comes up with press and hold
Posted 11 years ago
finny388 says:
Reminders are currently useless
Posted 11 years ago
danielcormier says:
The proper way to do this:
Posted 4 years ago
dave.liao says:
+1 to danielcormier's post 🙏
Posted 3 years ago
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