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Create new tags AFTER (not during!) editing the tags field, to be more robust to typos

tsuioku says:
Currently, you can type in the tags field of a task to add tags to it. If you type something that did not exist as a tag yet, it gets created immediately.

When I make a typo while adding a tag, this causes the creation of a new tag that takes me several actions to delete.

I suggest to make the app more robust to this type of typo by only creating new tags *after the user stops editing the tag field*. Thus, if you typo something but 'backspace' it immediately, your tags list will be unaffected, and you will not have to spend time deleting the extra tags. Other functionality is unaffected by this change, as any tag that you leave in the tags field will still be assigned to the task, just as before.
Posted at 5:01pm on November 19, 2023
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