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Ability to disable animations

Started by dave.liao Android app0 comments

Select Overdue

Started by ahliana Android app0 comments

Create smart list from Android App

Started by ordeph Android app1 comment

Show the total time estimated for a list

Started by mikabren Android app4 comments

Remove the list name shown on every task

Started by (closed account) Android app1 comment

"Nearby" badge

Started by daniel.rowe.fishman Android app2 comments

Hide 'Sent' items from the Today list

Started by valorin Android app0 comments

Ability to sort lists differently than in the web app

Started by joaojesus Android app1 comment

Holo compatible theme

Started by s73fan Android app1 comment

Allow users to opt-in to ads to remove 24-hour limit on sync

Started by good.evil.genius Android app0 comments

Enter button on Smart Add bar

Started by kacrocker Android app0 comments

Regenerate the reminders list for today after adding new tasks

Started by echarles Android app0 comments

Do not show the next occurrence of a recurring task until the presently due occurrence is completed

Started by g.randy.maruschock Android app2 comments

Ability to add a task during a call

Started by kenv481 Android app2 comments

Customisable sync hours for locations and tasks (set hours when sync is disabled)

Started by rui.vieira Android app0 comments

Option to display more than 1 occurrence in case of repeating task

Started by nyrk Android app1 comment

Ability to postpone to later in the date or fixed time

Started by justinrdmv Android app1 comment

Enter into edit mode when pressing on the task details page

Started by cynthiashing Android app1 comment

Allow the widgets to work on customized lock screens

Started by (closed account) Android app1 comment

Move + button to bottom of screen

Started by aleyzerovich Android app1 comment