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Capitalize on voice input

Started by gte619n Android app0 comments

Password protection to launch app

Started by jasonpbyu Android app2 comments

Auto-complete tags when editing tasks

Started by olehoholm Android app0 comments

Shortcuts on the home screen (not widgets that act as shortcuts)

Started by arwild01 Android app4 comments

Location-based notifications on both entering and/or leaving locations

Started by noah.souza Android app0 comments

Set a task to 'expire' a certain amount of time after it's due

Started by matthew.burlew Android app1 comment

Ability to complete/postpone tasks from reminders screen

Started by philtrocity Android app1 comment

Implement ViewPager for screen switching

Started by beny Android app2 comments

Complete tasks from the widget

Started by meggerud Android app4 comments

Remove the toast notification messages, or make an option

Started by inversion Android app0 comments

Widget for a specific tag

Started by brian.reilly Android app3 comments

Only use GPS for locations when on external power

Started by asrejmer Android app0 comments

Contacts integration

Started by kenv481 Android app2 comments

Take account of travel times for reminders

Started by mrmabs Android app0 comments

Account switching

Started by adamvartek Android app6 comments

If only one task is mentioned in a reminder, open the task instead of the list

Started by jaap.kramer Android app1 comment

Ability to choose the notification icon

Started by davidbarredo Android app1 comment

After completing a task, return to the list

Started by jaap.kramer Android app2 comments

Distribute app via Barnes & Noble NOOK Apps

Started by chris.stehno Android app3 comments

Option to insert the current date when editing a note

Started by lefedor Android app2 comments