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Add tasks by voice entry via Android Google Now integration

davewh says:
This request has been spread out over a few previously posted requests, noted below. I'm entering it here with a more specific and complete title so that the relevant user queries will more likely pull it up, and the votes and conversations aren't so spread out.

While there is a 3rd-party app and a workaround, they aren't as easy/elegant as the existing Siri integration. Wund*****t and Tod***t both have implemented this feature for their Android user base, and it would be great to see it on RTM as well. (Which I've been with for a few years due to its other excellent features.) This feature would be taking the existing voice entry of RTM a step further. Especially handy for times when you're in the car, cycling, or it's otherwise inconvenient to be handling your phone. Also particularly handy for phones that leverage the "always listening" feature including many Moto phones.

Thanks for your consideration, and keep up the great work with an already-awesome product!

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Posted at 6:01am on January 20, 2016
agentcunningham says:
Yes, please consider adding this feature. I constantly think of things I need to do while driving and wearing my bluetooth headset. Pressing the button for the Google Now prompt and then saying "add task, pick up dry cleaning tomorrow at 10am" would be amazing!! (Maybe supporting the "Note to Self" API would be a way to go?)
Posted 4 years ago
orontes says:
Strong support for this feature from me.
Posted 4 years ago
voldi says:
Strong support from me as well! Using the microphone button from the widget is nice, but it's not completely hands-free, so you can't use it while driving. Tying in with the official "Okay Google..." command would definitely solve this.
Posted 4 years ago
guillemrossello says:
I'm surprised to read such a weak support for this need. It's imperiously urgent to have this feature on 2017!!
Posted 4 years ago
janbobolz says:
I‘m really disappointed and surprised that this isn‘t implemented.

For your reference: you only have to register and handle ACTION_CREATE_NOTE intents. See
You get the name of the „note“/todo item delivered to you in plain text.

Please do implement this. :) It‘s not much work and it‘ll make the app quite a bit more useful (e.g., adding todos while driving)
Posted 3 years ago
lionheartedbear says:
Also strong support for this.
Posted 3 years ago
jtretakoff says:
Posted 3 years ago
chrisjohnson says:
Long overdue.
Posted 2 years ago
neverblued says:
Please, add this asap!
Posted 1 year ago
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