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setting time after selecting a suggested date

olivier.jeannin says:
When adding a task date, some are suggested (today, tomorrow...). However it is not possible to set a time after selecting a suggested date. Would be very convenient to do so!
Posted at 1:19pm on April 20, 2022
geojono says:
While you can't set the time after selecting a date (that I know of, anyway), you can add it altogether in the Due or Start field of an existing task, or in the Quick Add box while creating a task.

^tomorrow 4:30
~Saturday 15:45
^April 28 9:00

I hope that helps.
Posted 11 months ago
geojono says:
Also, when selecting a date, you can go down to Calendar Picker and choose the date and enter the time in the provided field.

I'm assuming the web app for these suggestions.
Posted 11 months ago
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