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Shortcut to move selected subtask(s) to a list

Started by jamezzz Web app1 comment

Sort tasks by estimated time

Started by geom.fabiano Web app3 comments

Finding the tasks that are oldest, most postponed or similar

Started by kristus General1 comment

A notes field, but at project level

Started by jamesbowen Web app1 comment

Select a Single Task to Take Over Entire Screen View

Started by rrss General0 comments

Add URL to iCalendar feed

Started by rich_zigo Web app0 comments

IFTTT missing use case

Started by olsansky New integrations2 comments

Batch changes

Started by kenv481 Web app0 comments

Improve how to add a new location

Started by meggerud Reminders0 comments

Let Smart Lists set properties for tasks

Started by brotoc Web app1 comment

Ability to use task's parent properties in Smart Lists

Started by brotoc Web app1 comment

Random color when creating new tag within new task

Started by olsansky Web app1 comment

Add search condition "nearby" for Location based tasks

Started by bugsie Android app1 comment

This task is due in X minutes - changing alert to better support smaller devices

Started by pelowski iPhone app0 comments

Allow the ability to merge two tasks, similar to duplicate contact information.

Started by zarcom Web app0 comments

cluster tasks by due date in "all tasks view" when sorting by due date

Started by the_me Web app1 comment

Show due time in overview

Started by the_me Web app0 comments

Popclip extension

Started by lbrt New integrations1 comment

Random choice from lists/tags/subtasks/dates

Started by birrellwalsh General0 comments

Estimation for selected task

Started by michzimny Web app0 comments