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Quick Add via Quick settings tile

Started by maksisfly Android app0 comments

A mobile app with less clicks to edit tasks

Started by louisyurman iPhone app0 comments

Display day of the week in the suggestion of Smart Add

Started by masakuni.ito.19 Web app0 comments

Smartlist containing fixed number of tasks

Started by solarlynx General0 comments

Syncs Outlook Calendar events to RTM

Started by emadrigalr MilkSync for Microsoft Outlook0 comments

Tasks grouped per day view for "All Tasks" list as how it has been presented in the "This Week" list view

Started by eddy.kwok iPhone app0 comments

Retain Settings Across Logins

Started by pszaro iPhone app1 comment

Automatically append a tag to a task created via the WatchOS app

Started by pszaro iPhone app0 comments

Email task containing subtasks

Started by christopher.wagner.235 Web app0 comments

macOS 10.14 Mojave dark mode

Started by eviloatmeal Web app1 comment

Setting to hide Mac Dock icon

Started by gordon.bazeley Web app0 comments

Rank tasks by a "programmable" feature akin to Toodledo's "importance"

Started by salustri General0 comments

Ability to set Reminders field as default

Started by cdelsol Reminders0 comments

BASIC Pro account / FULL Pro account

Started by arr456 General2 comments

Repeated tasks should also be displayed at the future date

Started by eddy.kwok iPhone app0 comments

Realize dueBefore:"next weekday"

Started by (closed account) General0 comments

Highlight 'Active' task

Started by john.turknett Web app1 comment

Show list name as tag in task overviews

Started by klaasdepoel Web app1 comment

Associate emoji with a tag

Started by meonkeys General0 comments

Set attachments on multiple tasks at once

Started by johan.nilsson Web app0 comments