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Add task via notification bar (similar to wunderlist)

Started by ramzo19 Android app0 comments

Dynamic Priority

Started by mjrudolphi Web app2 comments

Automatic advance by repeat intervals when task incomplete

Started by jamesmoranrtm General0 comments

Preview and edit lists before printing.

Started by smugssmith General0 comments

Order subtasks by drop an drop

Started by holl0w General0 comments

Stay logged in permanently

Started by parno General0 comments

Edit fields by clicking on it

Started by dg_going_uphill General0 comments

Share sheet for Mac

Started by dg_going_uphill New integrations0 comments

Themes for Android App

Started by tomavatars Android app1 comment

@ mentions

Started by kdwarn General0 comments

Subtasks *need* to be listed in views separately along with top-level tasks, because they're immediate actionable items

Started by katrmr Web app1 comment

Post desktop reminders in the Action Center

Started by frank479 Reminders0 comments

Integration with Momentum

Started by archaeogeek New integrations10 comments

Sticky Tasks

Started by johnfoland Web app0 comments

archive location and contact

Started by robgia Web app0 comments

Custom field in task

Started by robgia Web app0 comments

Search and Smart Lists for number of tags

Started by thomas.johnsson General0 comments

Simple Lists

Started by jnicholea General1 comment

Add keyboard shortcuts to move the selected task up/down in the list

Started by hron Web app0 comments

Add a keyboard shortcut for "Select parent task"

Started by hron Web app1 comment