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Option to complete task and stop repeating

Started by mystwillow Web app0 comments

Submit multiple tasks at once (bulk adding)

Started by peter.smulders Web app1 comment

Ability to sort the NOTES within a Task

Started by tony.llama Web app0 comments

Keyboard shortcut to page up/down a list

Started by jlquinn65 Web app1 comment

Own Emoji-Font on Windows

Started by mapapo Web app1 comment

Change only next occurrence

Started by druggiero11 Web app0 comments

Subtasks - Show completed and to-do in the same list

Started by mpux Web app0 comments

Manual task completion progress

Started by igstef Web app0 comments

button to delete all comments

Started by judykator Web app0 comments


Started by fumiomi Web app0 comments

Two-factor authentication

Started by 13coders Web app1 comment

Block out dates

Started by mmoore100 Web app0 comments

Better parent task indication

Started by aleding Web app0 comments

List Names in the various task list

Started by thomas.decker Web app1 comment

keyboard shortcut missing (?)

Started by fant Web app0 comments

Create subtasks from bulleted list in task note

Started by stefcameron Web app0 comments

Add possibility to remove attachment when task completed/deleted

Started by wilsardaukar Web app0 comments

Jump to task in notification area

Started by dbsk Web app1 comment

Add "ESCAPE" to list of keyboard shortcuts

Started by jrrt Web app0 comments

Jumping to top and bottom of list via shortcut

Started by rkhu Web app0 comments