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Task timer?

Started by floweringtree Web app3 comments

Custom names for custom (advanced) sorting/grouping of tasks?

Started by floweringtree Web app1 comment

YouTube or other site previews when pasting a link

Started by jtenos Web app0 comments

Start with Windows, minimized

Started by netistul Web app2 comments

Two-factor authentication

Started by (closed account) Web app2 comments

Postpone suggestions as in gmail snooze

Started by maklipsa Web app2 comments

A small cross to close yellow hovering window indicating last action

Started by victortnt Web app0 comments

make all keyboard shortcuts work on active task (yellow) when no other tasks are selected (marked)

Started by gstoel Web app0 comments

add an archive button in list view

Started by maaalk Web app1 comment

Show a location icon when a task has location

Started by mesmes Web app0 comments

Sync drag and drop over different lists

Started by palmerch1 Web app2 comments

Color change of the "v" in checkboxes

Started by palmerch1 Web app0 comments

Default templates and named templates

Started by palmerch1 Web app1 comment

Support drag-and-drop tag order in list sorting order.

Started by kmb172 Web app1 comment

undo an undo

Started by nah.why Web app1 comment

change menu item "undo last action" to specify the last action that at will be undone

Started by nah.why Web app1 comment

Allow undo to undo a duplicated task

Started by nah.why Web app1 comment

Make it easier to move subtasks to a task on another list

Started by xdhmoore Web app0 comments

Allow easy copying and pasting of multiple tasks (add line breaks between tasks)

Started by itwastrees Web app1 comment

Dark Blue Theme

Started by tracie262 Web app0 comments