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Support for 2FA / MFA

eleuthardt says:
It is almost 2024 and we still have no support for 2FA / MFA or passkeys. It is time to secure the platform especially since you plan to raise prices.
Posted at 10:11pm on December 7, 2023
ravade says:
Not having MFA in 2024 for a service like RTM is absolutely ridiculous.

Even with no votes this should be a top priority for RTM.
Posted 5 months ago
bclingan says:
If you login via Google it solves this issue, however I also agree that 2FA (or passkeys) should be standard nowadays.
Posted 4 months ago
jfdepedro says:
I agree with some other users, not having MFA in 2024 and with the amount of current attacks on the supply chain, it is something that you must think about.
Posted 4 months ago
scottdanb says:
I completely agree. Just now, I started to type in the RTM domain, Safari auto filled with the URL for the RTM page that I visited several weeks ago. When I clicked “go,” I was taken straight into my To Do list in RTM. This is really concerning! It’s 2024. Deploy MFA already, or I will go elsewhere.
Posted 5 weeks ago
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