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Please enable notes to be formatted.

Started by austin.titus Web app0 comments

Possibilité de trier les notes dans une tache

Started by jpder Web app0 comments

Visual board with customizable columns (e.g. open, work in progress, done)

Started by remoschmid71 Web app1 comment

Keep position of task list constant whether entering new task or not

Started by orsonk Web app0 comments

Prompt when completing task if there are incomplete sub-tasks

Started by mark.jaggassar Web app0 comments

No, really. RTM needs a working, current Chrome extension

Started by salustri Web app0 comments

Show Notes & Subtask section when creating a new task.

Started by andy.marcoux Web app0 comments

Change default keyboard shortcut for Add Task

Started by clsb06 Web app0 comments

Drag and Drop within a Group (when "Group By" is turned on in a custom sort)

Started by rmerkley Web app0 comments

Permit repeating tasks with start date but no due date

Started by productiveman Web app1 comment

Display due date & time in Task list

Started by gsavadov Web app0 comments

Improve date / time picker in Mac version

Started by gsavadov Web app0 comments

Eliminate multiple Notes fields in Mac version. All Notes in one place. Simple!

Started by gsavadov Web app0 comments

Eliminate the need to select “Edit Note” prior to doing so, as well as “SAVE” after editing a Note

Started by gsavadov Web app0 comments

Customise Smart Add shortcuts (hotkeys)

Started by alec.eve Web app0 comments

See task history in the web app

Started by stefcameron Web app0 comments

Small yet really annoying inconsistencies in the UI (Web and Android)

Started by pawelkaleta Web app0 comments

Display more information directly on the tasks list (not only Tags and Due Date)

Started by pawelkaleta Web app1 comment

Show locations in task lists and bulk update

Started by thomas.decker Web app0 comments

An attachment (my multiple) to notes and not only one to a task

Started by thomas.decker Web app0 comments