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Show image when URL is set to photo sites

Started by heathweaver Web app0 comments

Add a 'time spent' field

Started by jackforester Web app2 comments

Allow lists to have notes (like tasks do)

Started by birdb Web app1 comment

Fix page width issue in Chrome/Firefox

Started by joshearl928 Web app0 comments

Keyboard shortcut for sharing a task

Started by bdoherty Web app0 comments

Play audio when a new task is added to a shared list

Started by limomobile Web app0 comments

Keyboard shortcut to edit notes

Started by travis.dunbar Web app0 comments

Support notes without titles

Started by levbor Web app0 comments

Splunk-like short format for due dates

Started by graham.poulter Web app2 comments

Unique priority

Started by ward.bergmans Web app6 comments

Allow custom priority labels (e.g. low, medium, high)

Started by jarrad.powell Web app0 comments

Ability to manually set and use current location in the web app

Started by kaopua Web app1 comment

Warn before creating a new list with the same name

Started by mburchrtm Web app0 comments

New search operator: Interface where task was added (e.g., 'web', 'android', 'iphone')

Started by wcitypoe Web app0 comments

Ability to 'redo'

Started by ward.bergmans Web app2 comments

Show the time a task was completed (in addition to date)

Started by vtbiscuit Web app0 comments

Auto-adjust width of web app to full screen width

Started by goethe528 Web app3 comments

Ability to 'watch' tasks

Started by klaus.riedinger Web app0 comments

Rotating task owner

Started by jassnip Web app0 comments

Add a 'description' field for tags

Started by avbudin Web app0 comments