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Add a shortcut to go to parent

Started by hron Web app0 comments

Have a $$-Dollar estimate field - like time estimate

Started by (closed account) Web app1 comment

Vote/Like buttons individual comments from other posters - and not just for the Idea in the header

Started by (closed account) Web app0 comments

Easier drag and drop for unpaid version

Started by cjkogan111 Web app2 comments

Desktop: Make ALT+F4 close the window, not quit the app

Started by clausconrad Web app0 comments

2 factor authentication

Started by sayanee Web app0 comments

Outline or Tree view please!

Started by michael714 Web app3 comments

Open an OS X finder path link to a file or folder in OS X app or Web app

Started by kaizentric Web app0 comments

Leave tags in place in the task

Started by david.sarnowski Web app0 comments


Started by cavanaughmm Web app0 comments

Keyboard shortcut to save notes

Started by cavanaughmm Web app1 comment

Change default for saving notes (it's currently counter-intuitive)

Started by cavanaughmm Web app0 comments

Create a separate instance of a repeated task

Started by mike.moses Web app0 comments

Calendar view for all task

Started by (closed account) Web app6 comments

CSV file Import into RTM

Started by jfch Web app7 comments

Sorting Groups

Started by shekala Web app0 comments

Select all task for a day in week view when i click on it.

Started by freak0 Web app0 comments

Settings / apps / integrations > Evernote

Started by carlosleitao Web app0 comments

Automatically completed the tasks

Started by xmission Web app0 comments

Show task creator in task info

Started by jscholz1 Web app0 comments